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July 16th, 2012.

Around 10pm my sister and her boyfriend/my good friend were walking home with my sister's 4 dogs.

They were in the cross walk less than a 100 feet from the home that my sister and I share when a drunk driver going 80mph, 120 feet a second, failed to make a turn and plowed through the stop sign on the far side of the intersection... he then struck the group and just kept on going, never slowed or stopped.

He and my sister were both in the car's direct path, Hari managed to shove my sister allowing her to escape with flesh wounds, ankle damage and a compound fracture of her leg... he took the full force of the car, loosing his leg at the scene, breaking his pelvis and causing severe internal injury... 13 days later he lost his life.

My friend never left the ICU after the hit and run incident. He was due to stay there for weeks, we had been warned he was not out of the woods yet, but he was making progress, he was improving, it had been almost 2 weeks since he was hit... we felt like he was in the clear, and then so very suddenly, he was gone.


 In addition to this tragedy all four of my sister's beloved Australian Cattle dogs, the ones seen all over my website in several photos and videos involving my work, died instantly upon impact. 

My friend was a kind, gentle, jolly person who just naturally knew how to make people happy. He completed my sister's life and brightened mine. The three of us got along so well it felt as if he was family, I expected for him to one day become my brother in law.

I will miss the way his eyes lit up when I showed him a newly completed fursuit head or shared interesting news. My sister will miss him in more ways than I will ever understand.


Rest in Peace my friend, you will never be forgotten.

My sister will forever love you and you will forever be my friend.


He was famous at Sac Anime for his Jiraiya cosplay   







Rest in Peace my friend, thank you so much for saving the person we both care for so dearly




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