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Custom Creature Costumes

Open year-round for select designs. Open in August for custom work.              

 Quotes for custom order (client designed) costumes will be open the first week of August every year. During that time you can email me at please include what you would like in the email title (example: realistic red dragon) I will reply with my terms of sale and a complete up to date price list.

NOTE: For custom made (client designed) work I am only open in August but I am open year-round for artistic liberty projects and for anyone wishing to claim one of the "client needed" costumes in my gallery.

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 Note: I removed the itemized pricing as it is subject to change due to inflation, minimum wage changes, and the cost of living. Itemized pricing will be emailed as part of the customer intake process.

  Commission Price List - read the following before continuing                

DO NOT contact me unless you have the first payment ready.

I require 30% of the cost up front and this is not refundable.

After the 30% the rest can be done in installments over an 9 month period.

    Check, Money order or Paypal. Customers outside the USA are required to use Paypal.

I can ship world wide, if your country can accept mail from the USA you can order from me.

Shipping is not included in the quote, an estimate is to be paid by the customer before the costume is sent.

For customers outside the united Statesit is the customer's responsibility to research and know what sort of customs/import fees or taxes are involved with receiving an expensive item from the United States and plan accordingly. I am not responsible for this and am not obligated to lower my prices due to high customs fees.

 Before ordering look through both my price list below and read all of the "ordering and Terms of Sale" page. Then you can email me at

I am not open for cosplay/copyrighted commissions and will not make another Wolf-Link (so don't ask)       The only cosplay I can do are generic or natural animals such as the canines from Wolf's Rain.

Please note the PET ALLERGY WARNING at the bottom of this page!


FullsuitS    average  cost $3000 to $8000 


All prices listed here vary based on the complexity of what you want, the averages listed are based on the bare minimum vs the highest I have had someone pay thus far for their rather complex design.


NOTE: You cannot get just a body from me, bodysuits are only available as part of a fullsuit commission (All orders must contain at least the head) If at a later time you choose to upgrade to a fullsuit you have to send back the parts I already made (at your own cost).

Halfsuits    average cost $1500 to $3500                                  



This has No bodysuit and is worn with clothes.

 I am no longer offering feet for partials, feet are available for quadsuits, fullsuits and 3/4 suits with pants only

 You can also order furry sleeves and leggings

Arm sleeves 

$ single color

$ and up mutli color


$ single color

       $ and up multi color

3/4 Suits     Average cost $3000 to $5000                          

 a 3/4 suit means half the body is clothing and the rest is either a furry shirt or furry pants.

Airbrushing, complex sewn markings, and body padding is extra.


*fur shirts and pants not sold separately all orders must have at least a head




Furry shirt

or pants

Standard $

Double sewn $

 Add Digigrade legs $


Feet are now only available for 3/4 suits with pants, quadsuits and fullsuits



 Heads      Average cost $1000 to $2500                                       

The base price is $1100

Extra Features for Heads


Flat toony is free

$  for toony follow effect eyes. Vision is through the entire eye. These are indented into the head and thus not recommended if you have glasses.

 $ for realistic follow effect eyes, Vision is through mesh tear ducts. The blanks are really expensive hence the high cost

 $ for realistic human style follow effect eyes. Vision out mesh tear ducts. The blanks are expensive hence the high cost

*additional styles available


Little front row off teeth and simple tongue is free

$ for a realistic mouth with tongue detail and a full set of teeth

Moving Parts 

$ for ears on springs so they wiggle. Note that this only works for ears with a narrow base such as a horse


       $  for a jaw on a hinge.                                      range of movement varies from case to case.                              On my foam heads this is a swinging hinge, it works via bumping your chin so no pressure is put on your face, unlike a standard hinge which open via your chin pushing it down

Rresin and 3D printed heads will have standard hinges.

Please not either way the mouth will not always voice sync perfectly but is perfect for silent expression.

*fully articulated jaws no longer available, too many issues with fit.


                        Other features


           $ for realistic nose (simple toony is free

$ battery powered fan in mask (will not fit in all masks)

Do you wear glasses???

I wear glasses and I know how to make a fursuit head that fits them! They do require a fan though otherwise your glasses will fog up.

   Quadsuit Heads 

Masks made as a separate order for use with a quad (as in you make the rest) Start at a higher price because they have to be made differently  


The fur of my heads is attached as a combination of sewn slip cover and industrial strength glue, not every seam will be sewn, glued seams and features are applied with high quality glue using extreme caution to assure a seamless result.


Hands    $300+                                          

NOTE: you cannot order just hands, they must be ordered with a head, halfsuit, 3/4 suit or fullsuit

  $ for hands with no paw pads.

$ for paws with raised silicone hand pads

horse hoof hands $

cloven hoof hands $

Finger tip hoof hands $




Claws are resin and solid colored so even if they happen to chip or wear down there is no color difference


All silicone paw pads, hoofs and claws are attached with industrial strength glue. I do not sew on silicone paw pads.


 Feet       $450+                                         

NOTE: due to the toxicity of the glues involved and how hard work is on my hands feet can only be ordered as part of a quadsuit, fullsuit or a 3/4 suit with pants from now on.

 Feet with no paw pads start at $ if you send me shoes to work with, I will charge the price of the shoe if I have to buy a pair. I would much rather you send me shoes to assure a perfect fit. The shoe bottom is left exposed, this means the feet are as durable as the shoes they are made on. Black bottom shoes are best as the bottom will show, I also seal off the overhanging foam of the toes with black rubber.

Feet with horse hooves $

Feet with cloven hooves $

 Feet with paw pads start at $. The paw pads are raised meaning the furred  bottom does not come in direct contact with the ground so it does not get as dirty as quickly as some feet pad styles. 

The pads are dense, firm silicone, they hold up fine on carpet and smooth surfaces but will slowly wear out if worn on the likes of concrete and asphalt.

Feet paw pads are cute on toony suits and add that last touch to realistic suits but there are some downsides:

The bottoms will eventually show dirt, even if only worn inside (ever looked at your sock bottoms? That thin film of gray that never seems to wash off? That will happen) the lighter the fur and/or pad color the worse this is.

Feet pads also double the weight of the feet and may cause pressure points.

Silicone paw pads may be slippery on shiny wet surfaces.

If you plan to be outdoors for more than a quick stroll, or wear the costume for more than 100 hours a year, or if your feet bottoms or pads are a pale color, or if you just plain do not care about how the bottom of your feet look, then I recommend the standard feet which leave the shoe sole exposed.







Claws are resin and solid colored so even if they chip or wear down there is no color difference.




All silicone paw pads, hoofs and claws are attached with industrial strength glue. I do not sew on silicone paw pads.

Quadsuits  Average cost $6000 to $12,000                                 

Quad suits start at $

Horses and Dragons (and some other species) cost more, almost all canines and felines will start at $



The arm stilts make your arms as long as your legs, are easy to balance with and put little strain on your wrists. One can even run and carry people while in a quadsuit.

WARNING: Quadsuits are not easy to wear, put on, or transport. They ave a lot of padding and an extended neck and thus are overall larger than and weigh more than a usual fursuit.

Dressing requires a helper and they require the help of a spotter. The more athletic you are the easier a quadsuit is to wear. The posture can be strenuous, vision tends to be very limited, they are hot and weigh about 25 pounds...but they sure do make a statement and bring a whole new level of "magic" to ones performance.

 Quadsuits are NOT recommended for hot weather or people with back, arm, hand, shoulder or neck problems. 

 Upgrade from non-jointed to jointed arm stilts $ extra

Joints move via gravity and body motion.

pros and cons:

It is not recommended you run with joints because if the joint trips up and you land on it bent you will faceplant on the ground and likely snap the joint if not your arm. Movement is a tad more tricky as you have to pay attention and be sure the leg is not bent when you bear weight on it, but comfort is the same. I would not recommended carrying a rider. There is always the potential for bodily harm present with jointed stilts.





   Additional Quadsuit costs:

I do require a pair of shoes be sent in addition to a well fitted rock climbing, ski, or motorbike helmet, something light weight with a crank knob adjustable fit, and ventilation holes for me to attach straps through.








Please note that of all my builds quadsuits upon super close inspection are the most rustic and "artsy fartsy" of everything I make,  they are super exhausting to make so any extra work just for the sake of making the inside look pretty goes to the wayside. 

Also you want a quad to be as light weight as possible and things like lining the inside of the head does add more weight.


More Quadsuit Examples                                






prices vary A LOT

I am very hesitant to take larger wings any more They a lot of work to make and very hard to ship/wear/own/travel with and tend to wear out quickly

please give me the size, feathered or bat style, backpack style or arm style, if you want "fingers" between webbing on bat wings (how many) veins, claws or airbrushing on your wings.


  NOTE: wings like picture above are big and bulky and weigh 15 pounds.

 They are pain to wear, store, manipulate and transport, also shipping for them is expensive. Large wings are really awesome and are a true "wow factor" with a costume but please be sure you are prepared to deal with how inconvenient these wings can be.





I am no longer offer backpack style wings that move, they are difficult to make and own and have a tendency to wear out quickly.

Wings cannot be ordered separate, they must be bought with at least a head.

Non-Fursuit Related                                

I can do a limited amount of non-fursuit related costume work. I can do Alien and monster type costumes or anything remotely animal such as Sasquatch. I can also do what I can "organic robot" work.

  I can also do "fake taxidermy" including fantasy animals

I do not do plushies, I do wire and paper mache and/or foam bases with glued on faux fur and other materials






ALLERGY WARNING!!!                                

If you are allergic to any animal LET ME KNOW

 I keep a variety of pets. If you are mildly allergic (If all you get is a little sneezy) then I can be sure my pets do not come near your order, as well as vacuum the costume and use dander wipes before I send it. (I myself am allergic to rodents and am very allergic rabbits, so I understand allergy issues)

BUT If you are strongly allergic to cats, birds, or dogs and the slightest contamination can harm you then it's best to play it safe and buy from someone else.

Materials are stored in a pet free area but my work area and living space are one and the same. Cats and dogs frequently enter my work space so I know there is dander and fur in the room, and sometimes when I am not looking they mess with stuff I am working on. I also have birds and while they never touch my work every time they flap their wings it sends feathers and dander flying.

ALSO I like to do photos and videos with my animals as it makes things more interesting (namely if the costume looks like one of my animals) If the idea of holding/touching an animal while modeling the costume bothers you, even for non allergy reasons, please let me know.


     I do my best to keep my pets off my costuming supplies, but I opened this box of fake fur and not even 5 seconds later CreamPuff is laying in it and had to be chased out!

                                                                   Bad kitty!