Beastcub Creations

Custom Creature Costumes

Open year-round for select designs. Open in August for custom work.              

 Quotes for custom order (client designed) costumes will be open the first week of August every year. During that time you can email me at please include what you would like in the email title (example: realistic red dragon) I will reply with my terms of sale and a complete up to date price list.

NOTE: For custom made (client designed) work I am only open in August but I am open year-round for artistic liberty projects and for anyone wishing to claim one of the "client needed" costumes in my gallery.

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 Note: I removed the itemized pricing as it is subject to change due to inflation, minimum wage changes, and the cost of living. Itemized pricing will be emailed as part of the customer intake process.

The following prices are just general examples              

The price of my work varies greatly based on the complexity of what you want, the averages listed are based on the bare minimum that I charge for a very simple character vs the highest I have had someone pay thus far for their rather complex design.

  Commission Price List - read the following before continuing                

Do not contact me unless you have the first payment ready.

I require 30% of the cost up front and this is not refundable.

After the 30% the rest can be done in installments over an 9 month period.

    Check, Money order or Paypal. Customers outside the USA are required to use Paypal.

I can ship world wide, if your country can accept mail from the USA you can order from me.

Shipping is not included in the quote, an estimate is to be paid by the customer before the costume is sent.

For customers outside the united Statesit is the customer's responsibility to research and know what sort of customs/import fees or taxes are involved with receiving an expensive item from the United States and plan accordingly. I am not responsible for this and am not obligated to lower my prices due to high customs fees.

 Before ordering look through both my price list below and read all of the "ordering and Terms of Sale" page. Then you can email me at

I am not open for cosplay/copyrighted commissions and will not make another Wolf-Link (so don't ask)       The only cosplay I can do are generic or natural animals such as the canines from Wolf's Rain.

Please note the PET ALLERGY WARNING at the bottom of this page!


FullsuitS  average  cost $4000 to $10000