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Any premade items I have for sale can be found here if it is not there anymore -Used for 1 hour at a local event -Completely glasses friendly -Large eyes for a wide range of vision -Cooling fan in beak runs on 4 AA, battery pack is housed in the bodysuit to keep weight out of the head -Front zipper with attached wings -Face lifts like a welders helmet so you can take a break w/out breaking character -Feet are a men's size 9 I can create foam inserts if your feet are smaller, if your feet are bigger new ones can be made at an additional cost. -Feet are made on generic foam clogs with heel strap -Body is made to comfortably fit up to 5'5" 200 pounds, you may be able to squeeze in if you are a little bigger/taller -Wings are operated via poles with padded handles -Slits in the wings allow fingers to escape for zipper use and doorknobs -Slip-on head built on a one-size-fits-most baseball cap for an adjustable fit
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