Sculptures Sculptures Chi-lin This WON the Tracks of the golden Bear award at the CA state fair and was best of class it moves! you plug it in and his neck and head go back and forth, his tail and hind leg goes up and down and his front legs curl in and out. how did i make it move? i mutilated a light up animated lawn flamingo!!! the head and leg on the flamingo already moved and i tweaked it to move the tail and front legs as well. the figure is made of wire, foam and tape, the head is a combo of sculpey, air dry clay, tiny deer antlers, glass eyes, beads, and fake fur. this took hours to make!!!! this is a true chinese unicorn as in it looks proper to cultural depictions of the creature. i have seen many and done many of what i call "Elfwoodized Kirins" but i wanted to make one that was authentic to the Chinese culture, so here he is in all his glory. HE IS FOR SALE $2000 firm local pick up prefeered due to size/fragility if shipped I DO NOT PAY SHIPPING 2349092 Turren this is a creature i created for a book i am working on. this is a life size (about as big as a horse) bust (head, neck, shoulders) that hangs on the wall ABOVE MY BED. all materials used are fake except the antlers which i got at a yard sale (i did not kill the deer) Turren (terr-wren) is a Beast, his exact species is a Cahkreeh (caw-cray) Beasts are a mix of human, plant and animal: the only plant trait they have is an extended life span such as a tree as they usually live to be 200 years old. the human traits they have is the ability of speach, human like hands, culture andfamily values and intellegence and they most of them are far smarter than a human. the world they live in is like mideveil earth in the time before the gun was made. Beasts are benevolent creatures which keep the balance of nature in place by keeping the human world in check. 2415979 Shekara Daughter of Turren 2415980 Unicorn Pelt as seen in the American River Review award winning literaty and art magazine and the CA state fair 2415954 Exotic Unicorns i made these a few years back, they got best in show in the CA state fair youth division. they are pony sized with the father (the violet one) being 4 feet tall i am selling FOUR of these, i am KEEPING the purple one $4000 for them, local pick up only they are award winning detailed complex pieces i spent HOURS on and they are still important to me so the price is high.... 2415983 Wild Unicorns fake taxidermy made from scratch!!!! moth move when plugged in! the moms head goes side to side the tail up and down. the baby's whole neck/head goes side to side, one legs lifts up and down and the tail goes up and down. made of all fake materials (fur and such) 3354637 Sea Horse best of show and the tracks of the golend bear award CA state fair 2007. the head, legs and tail move when plugged in 3354638