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Custom Creature Costumes

Open year-round for select designs. Open in August for custom work.             

 Quotes for custom order (client designed) costumes will be open from August 1st to August 5th every year. During that time you can email me at please include what you would like in the email title (example: realistic red dragon) I will reply with my terms of sale and a complete up to date price list.

The lucky 10 people I will choose as new customers will be contacted by August 8th, those chosen must get in 30% by August 15th or risk loosing their spot.

NOTE: For custom made (client designed) work I am only open in August but I am open year-round for artistic liberty projects and for anyone wishing to claim one of the "client needed" costumes in my gallery.



  Terms of Sale                                                    

Part 1: Please let it be known that I require full payment before I will start working on your order. Also, from the time of your down payment to the day you get the suit there will be a wait time, it generally is under three months but it could possibly be longer (part 3 explains why wait times vary)

I also need to state here that I do *not* guarantee deadlines though I will attempt one and the majority of the time I am able to meet a deadline if I have full payment and all applicable required objects (depending on your order: duct tape dummy, shoes, hand trace, helmet) at *least* three months prior to the desired deadline.

Part 2:  Your price quote is good for 9 months, do be sure to pay in full within this time. I am flexible about payment plans and will work one out individually with you based on your paying ability (be it all at once up front, split in half, fourths, or eights)

If you are still not paid in full after 9 months your current commission slot will be dropped and you will be refunded everything but the deposit.

If you are dropped from the list I offer a grace period of three months, if you are able to financially re-commit to the commission within this time I will allow you back on the list under a new slot. Your original deposit will count as the deposit for the new commission slot and as part of the total price. Any price changes from the time of your original commission will apply, the new price will be good for 6 months.

If at any time before work is completed you choose to cancel the commission I will refund all but the 30% deposit. If you chose to cancel after work has been completed you will be refunded 50% of the commission price minus any overtime/rush fees. If at any time I choose to cancel your commission then you will receive all money paid including the 30% deposit if work has not begun, if work has begun you will be sent the materials and what has been started and refunded the difference. 

Part 3: Who gets done when will be entirely up to me to decide and will be based on who paid in full the soonest, who got on the list the soonest, who needs theirs the soonest, who got me their duct tape dummy and such to me the soonest.... it's... complicated, but I do try to be fair and make sure everyone is happy!
A fullsuit generally takes 3-5 weeks to complete, but I usually have 6 if not more fully paid customers at a time, hence a bit of a wait time. So far I have not let anyone wait more than 4 months, now I do need to note that I do not count anyone's "wait time" until they are both paid in full and have gotten to me everything I need (for a fullsuit that would be a duct tape dummy, shoes, and a hand trace)

I also should note that since I dedicate so much time and attention to the customer I am currently working on you may feel ignored until it is your turn, sorry.


Part 4: Shipping is to be discussed later for it varies so much depending on both your location and gas prices at the time. For insured shipping with tracking heads tend to ship for around $80, half suits generally ship for around $120, full suits for around $200, Quadsuits $250. Please set aside the approximate amount as I will need this just prior to when the order is mailed.


 Part 5: As the artist I retain credit for the creation of the work and the rights to all photos I take of the costume, I can use said photos however I please as part of my business. I by all means can hold off on debuting photos of your costume until a reasonable future date of your choice, and I can also withhold information about who and what the costume was for. If you wish for the creation of your costume to remain private indefinitely then you must purchase the full rights of the costume from me for a sizable fee, this fee would give you all rights to the costume including omission from my portfolio. 


 Part 6: for customers outside the USA I require paypal as it is really just the best and easiest way. For customers within the USA I prefer that the 30% nonrefundable deposit be done with paypal so I can instantly confirm you as a customer, but I would prefer the remainder to come as a check or money order so as to avoid paypal fees.

Part 7: Do refer to this page for information about the required shoes, hand tracing and most importantly the duct tape dummy, a poorly made dummy will be scrapped and a new one required. Do make note of the need for taped heels, tape down to the thumb, tape up to the neck, and that the dummy *needs* to be taped up where you got cut loose so all I need to do is stuff it when it gets here.

Part of your purchase is NOT refundable                 

The first 30% Payment is not refundable at all unless I have reason to cancel the order.

If you have to cancel before I begin work I can refund all but that 30%

 If you cancel the order and the costume has been completed then you will receive a refund of 50% not including any overtime/rush fees (I keep said fees) and it will be sold to the highest bidder. The appearance will be altered if it was your unique design.

Premade costumes generally do not sell as well as a custom order. I run an equal risk of breaking even, loosing out or gaining a bonus profit, in the instance of profit I am not obligated to pass any of the extra profit on to the canceled customer.


What I need to create your costume                           

What I need from you to do a commission 


*do you have the First payment ready?*

Please be sure you have roughly the following ready to make the first payment of 30% please note that this 30% down payment is not refundable

$300 for a head, $800 for a halfsuit, $1000 for a fullsuit, $2000 for a quadsuit.


I do not always need a ref sheet, drawings done by different people in different styles, images of real animals, or even a good description of the design, is all fine with me If you are open minded about how your costume will look. 

No "adults only" artwork please, black bars over non-explicit poses are acceptable.

 If the goal is having the suit look as close to the reference art as possible then that is what I will attempt. If you have a very precise way you want things to look then I need a well drawn and detailed reference sheet with the body shown in at least 2 angles and head shown in at least 3 angles.

 Please keep in mind that I am not always able to capture subtleties of shape or expression, so if you require the costume to essentially be an exact 3D copy of your concept art then I may not be the best artist for you and it may be best to make it yourself. All concept art is subject to interpretation and the final costume will be rendered in my own style.


***Contact me***

If you have all of the above sorted out then it is time to email me.

****Duct-Tape Dummy****

Fullsuits, quad suits and 3/4 suits Require a "duct-tape dummy" :

Instructions can be found here (linked to with permission) this tutorial was the closest I could find to how I like dummies made, these instructions are not exact to my needs, please read below!

THINGS TO NOTE that are different than the instructions in the link!!!

I need the the dummy to come all the way up to the base of your neck.

I like the dummy made skin tight not loose in any areas as the instructions say, I will adjust the pattern to fit comfortably while avoiding wrinkles.

The more layers of tape you use the better! I require at least 2 layers. 

The dummy arms need to come down to the base of your thumb (to clarify: you tape the lower part of your hand) this way I do not have to assume the dummy arms are long enough (avoiding wrists showing when the suit is worn)

Tape your heel, not your whole foot, just the heel, this way I do not have to assume the legs on the dummy are long enough (avoiding ankles showing when the suit is worn)

Have your arms up and straight (out to the sides and level with your shoulders) and your legs apart. Leave the clothing attached to the tape.

I do not need a dummy of your head, hands or feet.

For digigrade legs mark your knee and the back of your calf.

 Mark your belt line.

Tape the seams back up where you were cut loose, I cannot stress how important this is, and tape them up very well. Once I get it I will stuff it. Failure to tape up the seams will leave you with a $80 fee! So do not forget.

This is a 2 person job by the way and rather "awkward" to do so find some one you are comfortable with, be wary of siblings as they may tape you to the floor.


****Quadsuit Dummies****

I need your knees, calf, belt and elbows marked. I also need the tape to come down to the base of the thumb and over the heels just like on a normal dummy.

 For a quad stance, think of youself as a table, flat back with arms and legs straight below you.


 A properly made quad dummy below


 For the feet I require shoes be sent.  Old shoes are fine as long as they are clean and in good shape. If your feet will have paw pads the sole has to have no raised heel or deep treads. If your feet will not have paw pads then a black bottom is best as it will show. Shoes that do not come up to the ankles or that come up past the ankles are not good choices.

Old shoes are fine, the reason I require shoes is it guarantees a perfect fit and comfort so broken in shoes are best

 DO NOT send me "safety" "non slip" or "non marking" shoes, I cannot glue anything to these!


For your hands I need a hand tracing on card stock, cereal box, or something of equal density. DO NOT cut out your hand tracing because when I prepare the tracing for a pattern I leave excess around the hand. Write your character name and/or a description (ie blue wolf) inside the hand.
For cloven hoof hands (like the black cow) do your tracing "Trekkie style" (thumb held wide, pointer and middle held together, ring and pinky held together, making a wide V)
For 4 digit paw or hoof hands hold the ring and middle finger together.
 For 5 finger hands hold all 5 digits nice and wide

                                                            ***Helmet For quadsuits***

  For a quad suit I will need a very well fitted rock climbing helmet, both the strap and helmelt should be snug and comfortable. If the helmet slides forward on your head at all then that is BAD. For horse quads or anything with a long neck it is also important that the helmet no slide side to side. No visor.


 Customer reviews                              
Please take note about what the first one said about how durable my work is, his suit has seen far more use than the average customer, it has easily seen 5 years of "average" use in 2 years time (several cons a year and weekly outings vs the average few cons a year) and his suit is still going strong and looks great.
 Also take note of what the last one said with the wait and the communication. There is typically a long silent wait time for your order but once it is your turn on the list you will have my undivided attention. I cannot keep in contact with every one at once because I put all my time and focus on one order a time.

A note on me shipping your costume                    

I can ship world wide

Shipping is not included in the quote, it is to be paid when the costume is sent.

For international customersit is the customer's responsibility to research and know what sort of customs/import fees or taxes are involved with receiving an expensive item from the United States and plan accordingly. I am not responsible for any fees and am not obligated to lower my prices due to high customs fees.

A warning to international customers: International USPS insurance rarely ever covers the full amount of a fursuit, I am only responsible to insure for as high as the post office will allow me. If your item arrives in customs but you fail to pay the custom's fees in time and the item is sent back to me and lost in transit I am not responsible to refund more than the insurance I was able to obtain as risking the item being returned to me is entirely the customer's doing. Otherwise in the event of a lost international shipment I will work to come to a compromise if the insured amount is less than purchase price.

A Note on Shipping things to Me                      

I hate packing peanuts, they are messy and hard to deal with and my pets like to eat them (which is bad) please avoid using them.

 Also no signature requirements please, my porch is enclosed and far back from the road and thus is nice and safe...I am not awake when the mailman comes and I hate having to go sign for boxes at the post office!

Please write on the box what the contents are for (ie "red dragon" "brown lion" "zebra") so I can just pop it into storage unopened if needed, it saves a lot of fuss.

  Repairs, Discounts and other concerns                  

The biggest part of my job is to make sure people are happy. So please read the following :)

I offer FREE Maintenance and repairs with the first six months of owning your suit with free return shipping if  I feel the issue was due to light wear and tear or a construction fault on my end (I do not cover express shipping) my warranty is void if the damage is due to extreme use or abuse, for example if you sat on your head or wore your feet in the mud.

Cleaning is NOT FREE: Repairs are free since I made the item but I have nothing to do with it getting dirty. If you would like me to clean your fursuit then I will give you a minimum and maximum price range for the job and then charge you based on how hard the job was.


Note: If any alterations have been made to the costume without consulting me first via email then all repair and replacement warranties become void and you cannot return it for cleaning. In addition to this if the costume gets to me and I find it has been altered without consulting me then you will be forced to pay return shipping. So be sure to contact me before you change anything on your costume.

 If you for whatever reason become unsatisfied please contact me                If your concern is within reason I will either offer a partial refund or a replacement at a reduced cost.

A Note on Durability                                      

 These costumes are wearable forms of art, not toys, and abuse and misuse will cause damage. If they are not treated kindly they will not last.

 Fursuits are wearable artwork not clothing.

 I do know my work should last at least 200 hours without maintenance, and please remember that I am always happy to repair faults and improve upon any of my customers costumes at any time.


Liability Disclaimer                                      











 I know the disclaimer sounds scary but the warnings on shampoo bottles makes it sound like you'd go blind and we all have gotten soap in our eyes at least once in our lives and never went blind, the scary warning is there for seller protection.

ALLERGY WARNING!                                 

If you are allergic to any animal LET ME KNOW

 I keep a variety of pets. If you are mildly allergic (If all you get is a little sneezy) then I can be sure my pets do not come near your order, as well as vacuum the costume and use dander wipes before I send it. (I myself am allergic to rodents and am very allergic rabbits, so I understand allergy issues)

BUT If you are deathly allergic to cats, birds, or dogs and the slightest contamination can harm you then it's best to play it safe and buy from someone else.

Materials are stored in a pet free area but my work area and living space are one and the same. Cats and dogs frequently enter my work space so I know there is dander and fur in the room, and sometimes when I am not looking they mess with stuff I am working on. I also have birds and while they never touch my work every time they flap their wings it sends feathers and dander flying.

ALSO like to do photos and videos with my animals as it makes things more interesting (namely if the costume looks like one of my animals) If the idea of holding/touching an animal while modeling the costume bothers you, even for non allergy reasons, please let me know.


     I do my best to keep my pets off my costuming supplies, but I opened this box of fake fur and not even 5 seconds later CreamPuff is laying in it and had to be chased out!

                                                                   Bad kitty!