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I am taking offers over $1500. This suit features magnetic eyebrows (not shown) that can calm and vary the expression, this has two magnetic tongues (one long & one short) and a magnetic tail that pops off (very fun!) The hands are a large women/average male in size and feature DVC claws. The head has a stationary jaw, is glasses friendly, built on a baseball cap for an adjustable fit, neck opens via magnets in the back. (*this does not have my usual pop the top feature) For the tail you wear a magnet plate via belt in your pants and the tail just pops on (*meant for thinner pants like cotton, not jeans and such) it is fairly reliable but it will come off it bumped which is intentional as it is meant to horrify those who bump into you! (*a clip to prevent it coming off so easy can be added for a fee) ALLERGY WARNING: this was made in a home with cats.
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